An Arlington VA and La Jolla CA based marketing firm.

We Empower Our Clients

Since 2004 we've used creative flair to strategize successful advertising campaigns that drive home results. Our work integrates brand name experience, multi-medium solutions and the kind of creativity that wins awards-quite a few of them.

Client Testimonials

Dave Jedrlinic

VP, Knowledge Systems LLC

"Quick Response gave Knowledge Systems a targeted marketing campaign that helped grow our business and put us on the map with government clients."

Shane Lundy

VP of Sales , buySAFE Inc

" I'd recommend Quick Response to any business looking to establish a brand and increase sales. They're a top notch , organized ad agency that understands today's media." 

Tara Marayama

Owner, Five Star Painting

"With the mass media that's out there today, we really needed professionals to guide us in media placement and having a creative message. Quick Response treated our marketing dollars as if it was their own budget. They put our marketing dollars to work in the right places and gave us a successful brand that resonated with our audience." 

Mary Ann Shurtz

Executive VP, Stratford University

"Quick Response has been the advertising arm for Stratford University for many years. They go beyond the call of duty and does a great job targeting the right market." 

Holly Musselman

Law Office of Holly Musselman

"We were looking for a concentrated advertising plan to reach potential customers that were looking to have wills done. Quick Response came up with a urgent branding message that made our audience respond quickly. They targeting the right audience using only two zip codes, which in turn increased our business by 25%. Bottom line is Quick Response maximized our advertising dollars."

Doug Lunenfeld

Associate Broker Keller Williams

"What I liked about Quick Response the most is they came up with a creative message that made our potential clients react to our ads. They used humor which resonated with our audience. They stressed that without good creative our campaign would not work. With the use of humor our business increased by 30%. They treated advertising dollars as if it was their own."

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